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At Smart Solutions we have a Philosophy - a Philosophy that excellence is derived through dedicated, focused and innovative work. We also believe that knowledge comes through sharing and growth comes to every organization where people use knowledge in team work. A progressive culture and a world of possibilities is what you see with us.


We are driven by a belief that employees are our most valuable assets and the foundation of our long-term success is dependent on our people. We are committed to attracting and retaining the best people. We offer a industry standard compensation and benefits package to all our employees in US and India, which includes paid leave, sick leave, Health Insurance / Provident Fund.


Working With Smart Solutions


Working at Smart Solutions, will give you an opportunity to work in a positive and entrepreneurial work environment, where-

•Your colleagues are some of the best and the brightest in the industry.


•You will be empowered to perform individually and in a collective environment, encouraged to take risks and rewarded for your performances.


•Your leadership team and senior management act as your friends and coaches and provide you with required resources and direction to grow and get the best out of you.



 Providing quality benefits is something we believe helps employees worry less about the details and focus on career advancement. As such, we offer a competitive compensation program including performance related bonuses and locally competitive benefits.


Employees Referral Program

 A bonus of up to $500 is paid to employees who refer an IT professional to Smart Solutions who completes at least 90 days of service. Any new business development by employees is duly rewarded.


Training & Professional Development

 At Smart Solutions, we recognize that our employees are our greatest asset and we make every effort to help upgrade their skills by investing into their future. We provide training materials and access to a wealth of knowledge bases when on assignments and opportunities to acquire technical certifications. Computer-based tutorials of the most current industry applications will be available to all.  These training materials are updated frequently, as new courses become available, allowing employees to keep current with industry trends.


Medical, Dental, & Vision

Smart Solutions offers a comprehensive health insurance package that includes wellness benefits, a prescription drug card and a low-network deductible. Dental and vision coverage is also included in the medical package.


Employee Pension Plan – 401(k)

Smart Solutions offers an attractive pension plan that allows most employees to contribute up to certain percentage of their salary on a tax-deferred basis, based upon years of service.



 Eligible Smart Solutions employees receive two weeks of vacation per year for the first five years, three weeks after five years and four weeks after ten years of service. Vacation begins accruing for new employees after just one month of employment.



 Smart Solutions observes six holidays per year. Up to five additional paid client holidays may also be observed.






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