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Grants Software Key Features


 Have multiple funding streams


 Flexible, configurable work-flow that meets the needs of all your grant programs


 Robust financial management for each grant project – budget, expenditures, payments and commitments


 100% on-line processes – application, review, award and reporting


 Task validation that guides users in their progress and enforces your business and process rules


 Centralized database for all grant information, files, correspondence and contacts


 Personal grants home page and to-do list that makes the process easy for applicants, grantees, reviewers and staff


 Payment contingencies for grantee reports that link progress and deliverables to payments


 Built-in communication tools and contact management that provide alerts, notifications and correspondence management for improved relationships with all stakeholders


 Robust system administration that puts you in control of changes to your grant process providing long-term adaptability to changing program needs


Value to Management and Operations


 Improve decision making — Enjoy access to real-time information — expenses, subawards, obligations — all presented in easy-to-understand displays


 Increase efficiency — Productivity goes up since information silos are eliminated; everyone has access to the same information


 Streamline processes — Get a comprehensive picture, start to finish, of your entire process and eliminate redundant and potentially conflicting data issues


 Automated work-flow processes provide alerts and reminders to users and flexible intervention for exception handling


 Easy-to-use reporting tools enable you to answer any question quickly


 Increase flexibility — Choose to incrementally vs. fully obligate funding


 Improved constituent communication promotes strong relationships


 Personalized tasks and grant portfolios improve the staff experience and reduce stress during peak activity periods


 Process tracking metrics enable assessment and continuous improvement of all aspects of your grantmaking process


Open Scalable Technology


 Java platform ensures easy support and integration


 Careful user interface design provides accessibility and the broadest support for web browsers on Windows/Intel, Apple/Mac and Linux


 Open web services application programming interface (API) provides easy integration with your other enterprise IT systems


 Modular software architecture ensures long-term flexibility and integration of new capabilities


 Scalable implementation model supports virtualization for efficient server implementation, high availability for 24 x 7 operation and scalability to meet peak transaction loads


 Open configurable XML presentation layer adapts easily to changing data collection and presentation needs





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