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Grants Management Software


Smart Solutions is the most flexible and powerful online grant management  solution, with a managed workflow that adapts to your grant programs and their specific needs.


The automated flow of tasks and communications optimizes your grant process while capturing and organizing valuable grant information for program and impact analysis.


Enhance and expand your grant-making efforts and experience the impact it has on your organization.


Key Features


Award Security


Internal and External Contact Directory


Deliverables Tracking and Notification


Terms and Conditions Summary


Compliance Status Checklist


Communications Module


Financial Accounting Interface: Send Accounts/Budgets from GMS to site financial accounting system (FAS).


Account Creation and Setup


Budget Load from Pre-Award Proposal


Budget Modification and Approval


Award Budgeting


Award Summary


Award Revision and Approval


Award Block Grants


Equipment Tracking and Disposition


Cost-Share Management


Grants Award Notice


Award To Do Lists


Award History and Change Audit


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