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GMS is a software product built to better manage and administer the entire Grant Management Process in funding and development organizations. It is a Complete Off The Shelf (COTS) Solution – however that does not mean that we force our software rules on how you process grants. Instead, the software has cleverly been programmed to allow the unique administration process of each grant scheme within an organization be built into the system.


We pride ourselves on being experts in the Grant Management Sector. Our Business Analysts have many years experience and have worked on numerous Grant Management System Projects. They will work with your team to tease out exactly how it is you administer various grant schemes and they will teach you how to reflect this in the GMS system.


The entire implementation process involves:


a) Getting to know your business process, business rules and business needs

b) Getting your Organizations version of GMS installed on the Server

c) Training your staff on how the GMS software works


Together we can easily configure the system to meet your needs and after training you will be able to alter the process and business rules yourself.



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