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"In today’s business environment we need to be fast, fluid, and flexible. Smart Solution's provides us with these capabilities.

I feel confident in recommending Smart Solution's software development capabilities and services. They are not only very thorough and attentive to detail, but easy to work with and always willing to take time to answer any and all of the questions. Smart Solutions overall contributions to the daily functions of the State Reporting/Technical Assistance section are certainly an asset. I highly recommend their services."


-- Barbara Burns

   Alabama Workforce Development Division

  State Reporting/Technical Assistance




"Smart Solutions is a professional organization that has been providing our organization with cost-effective Information Technology resources and services. Our relationship with Smart Solutions started almost 7 years ago, when we needed to manage the Workforce Development Division’s management information and reporting system for the Federally-funded Workforce Investment Act. In that capacity, Smart Solutions has continuously improved upon a system, which was developed for ADECA’s Workforce Development Division. Smart Solutions has kept the U. S. Department of Labor’s Workforce Investment Act program participant reporting system, the Workforce Investment Act Standard Reporting Data (WIASRD) System, up-to-date as required by changes mandated by the U. S. Department of Labor. Smart Solutions is responsible for the Alabama Department of Labor’s System, where the program participant data collected at the career centers in the 65 county Alabama Workforce Investment Area.  Smart Solutions has become the “expert” on the data requirements for the reports over the years for which it has been contracted to work for ADECA’s Workforce Development Division.  Massive amounts of data are required to be maintained and reported on each participant, who receives services provided by the Workforce Investment Act.  Smart Solutions manages the statewide system in the contracted capacity with ADECA.  Management reports have been developed for State and Federal monitoring program performance. We value their integrity and the high-quality service they provide. As a partner, Smart Solutions is courteous and efficient. I would recommend their services to anyone in our area of work."


-- Billy E. Hornsby, Jr., Supervisor

   State Programs and Divisional Budget Mgmt. Section

   Alabama Department of Economic & Community Affairs

   Workforce Development Division



"It was my pleasure to work with Smart Solutions in the maintenance, design, and development of a complex governmental data collection, reporting, and analysis system. Smart Solutions consistently exceeded my expectations and exhibited high levels of professionalism as well as exceptional customer support."


-- Ben Barnes

Technical Assistance Consultant and Staff Development Trainer at Action Steps, LLC


"Smart Solutions works with me and my staff at ADECA, WDD by providing the database management that we need so that we can report to USDOL accurately and timely. Smart Solutions constantly monitor our system to ensure we have what we need and make any corrections as quickly as possible. They provided us with top quality and dependable Consultants. As a result of their efforts we were able to address and resolve significant software issues which resulted in tremendous savings. I would not hesitate to call on them for all our Project needs and I would recommend their services to anyone in our area of work".


--Tammy Farmer

   Contract Specialist at ADECA







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